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Print is not dead!

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Let’s face it, technology is a huge factor in today’s design world. While websites and social media are dominant, print is just as important. When print is done correctly and designed well, it can actually boost marketing and give the clients the result that is needed.

How many times do you get something in the mail and just throw it away because of how it looks? It happens all the time. Good design goes a long way. A well-designed postcard will fulfill the point being addressed.

Technology has definitely changed the way we receive news, information, and promotional items and it is hard for an audience to keep up with these new factors. Many times, people do not even know how to make use of the technology and get frustrated.

Print is specific to reach a certain audience; or demographic. A business can’t always reach a customer through an online advertisement or even social media. Print is a powerful tool that can be targeted to a specific demographic audience. Print is memorable, since it is a physical tangent that someone can hold on to and retain. When something is viewed online, typically it is viewed once then forgotten about it. If there is a well-designed print brochure, people will tend to look at it, read it, observe it, and hold on to it, especially if they are interested.

There are definitely strengths and weaknesses for using online advertising and print advertising. Online advertising has the ability of click, immediate updating, and placement strategies. However, print has the tangibility that customers want; this creates the memorability and strong branding that conveys the message.

At VIXI Technology, we offer a full range product line to satisfy your printing needs (brochures, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, postcards, etc). We have an in-house printer, the Konica Minolta Fiery to high capacity digital printer with fiery color technology. Additionally, we also feature printing outsource support that utilizes four color digital press. This printing entity utilizes plant based inks, which reduces negative environmental impact.

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