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The importance of color and why it matters.

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It is important for the designer and the client to communicate about the graphics and color to any design project. It is especially important when creating a whole branding kit, to really consider how to utilize the colors successfully. Color is the first thing that a consumer will notice about a logo, which will leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Different people have different reactions to colors. The brand colors should be carried across the board of branding (the logo, landing page, product, and print). Colors help to identify the business from far away, which leads to branding identity. Another factor of color to consider is how many colors to use. Five percent use more than two colors, and ninety five percent use only one or two colors. The four colors that are used most often are red (29%), blue (33%), black or greyscale (28%), yellow or gold (13%).

Colors have different feelings or messages behind them, and there are a few things to consider when choosing the right color. The color red evokes a passionate and intuitive response. The color increases your heart rate, and makes you breathe more rapidly. This is used for attention grabbing, energy, or even a form of aggression.

Purple is a sophisticated but mysterious color. The richness of this color tips its hat to the royalty and elegance found within us. The color purple represents royalty, sophistication, and mystery. Blue is the most popular choice for a brand color; it is thought to put people at ease, as it is a reminiscent of the sky and ocean. The color blue represents trustworthily, dependable, and secure.

Green is a synonymous with calm, wealth, freshness, and health. There is a variation of different shades; deeper greens are associated with affluence, while lighter greens relate to serenity. Yellow is reminiscent of the sun it communicates hope and optimism, but it also stimulates creativity and energy. This color represents light, warmth, and motivation.

Orange combines the brightness and cheer of yellow with energy to the color red, this creates a color that is full of life and excitement. This color has relation to playful, fun, and vitality. Brown speaks of earth simplicity, but also with strength and durability. Use caution with brown, as it can remind people of dirt or dirty. The color brown represents durable, natural, and earth like.

Companies that wish to boast their classic sophistication use the color black, and this color works well with expensive products.  It represents value, timelessness, and prestige. The color white represents purity and cleanliness; think of a doctor’s coat or even a wedding dress. With this in mind, white is a popular choice for health care and child-related businesses. It often represents clean, soft, and noble.

When you hire a designer, they should take all of this into consideration when creating a logo or brand. The business client should do their research on the designer as well, to make sure that they can fully deliver and execute their needs. They have to be able to understand what it is they want to get across.

Here at VIXI Technology, we have a talented and smart design team. These designers are aware of the aspects behind creating a logo or brand, and color theory. We can help with all of your design needs, contact us today on how we can help your business grow. 

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